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LumenRadio goes scientific in record time

LumenRadio has in cooperation with the Swedish Department of Energy, the University of Lund, Sweden's largest property manager Riksbyggen, and leading European fixture manufacturer Fagerhult recently completed two large scale exterior lighting installations with a scientific twist.

These systems pioneer the application of mixed protocol wireless lighting controls and fixture feedback, as well as motion and environmental sensor inputs, in large outdoor public areas. All outdoor fixtures in the targeted residential areas were replaced with modern energy efficient LED fixtures and a unified infrastructure for wireless controls and sensors was installed. Fagerhult supplied the lighting fixtures, Riksbyggen managed the practical and legal matters, and LumenRadio provided custom CRMXâ„¢ wireless lighting control and monitoring systems.

The effort was part of a larger scientific project to measure and quantify the impact on quality of life and human wellbeing from changing lighting conditions. The University of Lund and the Swedish Department of Energy conducted and supported the scientific work and will continue to draw data from these installations for years to come.

“No installations of this complexity level had been done without wires before. A wide variety of fixtures and sensors were equipped with CRMX OEMâ„¢ wireless units and a combination of DMX, RDM, DALI, and Ethernet protocols were used to control and monitor the installations. Motion sensors were used to provide trigger inputs to the system via wireless RDM”, explains Niclas Norlén CTO of LumenRadio.

“LumenRadio's CRMX SuperNovaâ„¢ management software with its built-in DMX/RDM/DALI/Ethernet controller was vital to on-site configuration and testing of these complex systems. SuperNova was also chosen to provide ongoing control and monitoring of the installations utilizing event triggers from the motion sensors and time scheduling. The systems were connected to a 3G cellular network allowing long term operations and performance to be remotely managed and monitored over the Internet”, elaborates Marcus Bengtsson, lead developer of SuperNova at LumenRadio.

“The most amazing fact was however not the technical challenges we mastered, but the record time in which the installations were done with the wireless controls. Installing the wireless lighting controls took less than a day for each site; with cables this would have taken several weeks for each of the outdoor sites”, says Per Hulthén CEO of LumenRadio.

About LumenRadio

LumenRadio develops and markets next generation state-of-the-art wireless technology for the lighting industry. LumenRadio's CRMX is the most dependable wireless system on the market and is the only one to offer Automated Cognitive Coexistence. CRMX continuously and automatically adapts to the surrounding wireless environment, to never disturb or be disturbed by other wireless systems. LumenRadio offers a complete product portfolio of wireless lighting controls utilizing DMX, RDM, DALI, ArtNet, Streaming CAN, and other control and building management protocols for indoor, outdoor, and fixed installation markets world-wide. For more information about LumenRadio and CRMX products, please go to or

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