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LumenRadio goes around in Slovenia

LumenRadio goes around in Slovenia

rondell-3.jpgLumenRadio, widely recognized as the technology leader in wireless lighting controls, played a critical role in a new energy efficient lighting project for an unusual traffic intersection in Zagorje ob Savi, in central Slovenia.

The Las Vegas style roundabout, including a sizeable fountain lit with submersed LED lights and a sound system synced to the water pumps, was equipped with additional lights that provide area-wide color washes and special effects for public Holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Year. LumenRadio's Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound d.o.o. was asked by the local municipality to supply a lighting control system that not only would leave an uncluttered look and be invisible to the public, but that also would have to be installed without disrupting traffic.

Dean Karov, Product Manager at MK Light Sound d.o.o., Ljubljana, found the solution in the CRMX technology; specifically the outdoor Slim product range and LumenRadio's OEM solutions. The wireless DMX/RDM system eliminated the need for any control cabling; which would have been impossible in this retrofit project due to the very difficult location and limited mounting options. Anolis ArcSource 96 Integral fixtures with LumenRadio's CRMX receiver on board were selected due to the effortless integration process and their ability to withstand adverse weather conditions and a particularly harsh environment in the middle of a traffic machine. Visual Production's CueCore system provided central control.

"LumenRadio's CRMX products were chosen because of their proven track record for outstanding performance and long term reliability - key in this kind of installations. It was also a requirement from our client that the communication between the control room and the fixtures was secure and encrypted since this is a high visibility project in a public area and tempting target for hackers and pranksters. The CRMX technology features multi-level 128 bit AES encryption and that more than satisfied this concern", explains Dean Karov, Product Manager at MK Light Sound d.o.o., Ljubljana, "The system works perfectly - both we and the customer are very pleased with the results in general and particularly with the performance of the wireless CRMX system".

Picture copyright: Dean Karov, MK Light Sound d.o.o., Ljubljana

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