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LumenRadio firmly in the saddle

LumenRadio firmly in the saddle

ghs2012_3989.jpgLumenRadio's CRMX technology, widely recognized as the industry's benchmark for wireless DMX/RDM reliability and advanced functionality, was recently part of one of the world's largest indoor equestrian sports events; the Gothenburg Horse Show.

The show draws competitors and spectators from all over the world and is held every year in the multi-functional Scandinavium arena. This vast facility has hosted World and European championships in sports as different as ice hockey and swimming. The venue is also a frequent stage for major international concert, entertainment, and broadcast productions like the Eurovision Song Contest.

The televised horse show is not without challenges when it comes to lighting. The horses, not unlike some people, are easily startled and can get out of control if blinded by the lights. Lighting positions must therefore be selected with the safety of the horses and riders in mind rather than ease of accessibility and cabling. DMX cabling on the ground is also out of the question as it represents a significant trip hazard; not to mention that a horseshoe "operated" by a 1-ton animal is as good of a cable cutter as you will ever find in your toolbox.

Peter Wikström from LaPi Lighting AB, in cooperation with GotEvent and GHS was looking for a cost efficient solution to eliminate a difficult, time consuming, and potentially dangerous installation of cables. Peter found the solution in an extensive CRMX system that performed beyond expectations throughout the 4-day event in a difficult environment already saturated with WiFi and other radio traffic and proved again that the CRMX technology deliver on its promises.

"Reliability is truly one of the key ingredients of the CRMX technology. The exclusive Automated Cognitive Coexistence and Adaptive Frequency Hopping facilitates operation even in situations and environments where others systems have to declare defeat. Cables can be eliminated from almost any installation and system if you plan the installation well and use the right technology, which of course can be found in the broad range of wireless CRMX products", explains Patric Nord from LumenRadio's Swedish distributor Hofmann Teknik AB.

Photos: Claes Jakobsson,

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