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LumenRadio excels in network technology

LumenRadio has strengthened its position as technology leader and early adopter in network technology by announcing support for the recently published Art-Net 3 specification.

Support for Art-Net 3 will be released at PLASA 2011 in London and will be available immediately for the entire line of CRMX Ethernet products.

LumenRadio has since the CRMX line of products was launched back in 2009 supported a wide variety of Ethernet protocols including industry standard protocols like Streaming ACN (ANSI E1.31), manufacturer proprietary protocols such as ETCNet 2 & 3 and ShowNet, and protocols available in the public domain like Art-Net 1, 2, & 3.

"By being the first company to officially announce Art-Net 3 support we continue to be one of the most network and user friendly, as well as proactive, companies in the industry," explains LumenRadio's CTO Niclas Norlén.

Michael Karlsson, Senior R&D Engineer at LumenRadio, elaborates: "The engineering team at LumenRadio put a lot of effort into network technology and comprehensive protocol support. Not only do we work with existing and legacy lighting industry protocols, but we actively involve ourselves with the development of new industry standard protocols. We see our participation in PLASA?s Technical Standards Program to develop for instance E1.33, which will bring RDM into the world of Streaming ACN, as key to our continued expansion into networked lighting control."

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