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LumenRadio brightens Indianapolis skyline

LumenRadio brightens Indianapolis skyline

lumenradio-indianapolis-061512.jpg lumenradiologo-rgb-whitebg.jpgIf you were lucky enough to get tickets to the Super Bowl this year, you might have walked past the landmark Nordyke & Marmon building complex on West Morris St., now home for a global pharmaceutical company. Yes, things looked brilliant for Giants fans this year, including the new eye-catching makeover to the 111-acre West Morris St. complex that incorporates a fountain and the main headquarters building. Brought to life with custom visual displays of rich colors, with controls designed and integrated by Associated Controls + Design (ACD) of Indianapolis, LumenRadio CRMX wireless lighting control was critical to the project's success.

The main building's new visage is comprised of three main elements:

First, a beautiful west side centerpiece consists of a 90 ft. diameter fountain stocked with 192 color-changing LED fixtures provided by Solid State Lighting. The control signal is distributed by a CRMX Outdoor Flex unit configured as a transmitter with power over Ethernet (POE). A second Flex unit is configured as a repeater using one standard and one -6dB Omni antenna, with a third Flex unit configured as a receiver also using POE.

Second, painting the south face of the central building are two Color Kinetics ColorReachâ„¢ fixtures controlled by one LumenRadio set with a -6dB Omni antenna.

Third, atop the main building a backlit multicolor canvas utilizing forty Color Kinetics ColorGrazeâ„¢ fixtures now enhances the company's sign tower. This element is hardwired to a Pharos LPC4 located at the top of the structure. Physically wiring these three separate lighting elements together was simply not feasible; LumenRadio's flexible and high-quality outdoor wireless control system was the ideal choice.

“A number of considerations sold us on LumenRadio,” says Michael Brubaker, ACD's Head of Design. “First, the convenient FCC-approved outdoor system is quite unique. Second, power over Ethernet was essential; running multiple leads to all locations just wasn't practical. Third, its flexibility and ability to handle multiple and esoteric protocols made LumenRadio the logical choice. The whole wireless system is simple to use and behaves just like a wired rig.”

Associated Controls + Design is based in Indianapolis and has specialized in integrating architectural lighting, theatrical lighting and theatrical design since 1999. Find out more about ACD at

TMB is the exclusive distributor for LumenRadio in North America and the UK. For more information about LumenRadio visit Learn about other exciting products from TMB at

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