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LumenRadio appoints Bright as distributor for Norway

LumenRadio appoints Bright as distributor for Norway

brightlogo.jpgLumenRadio, manufacturer of the world's most reliable wireless lighting controls, has appointed Bright as new distributor for Norway.

Bright is a leading supplier of lighting and sound solutions for a wide range of applications ranging from TV and film, live events, and theater to indoor and outdoor architectural. The company, with offices located in Oslo, has an extensive product portfolio from leading lighting manufactures including such well-known brands as ADB, Coemar, EGO Controls, Manfrotto, and Cast Software.

Bright and LumenRadio will host a kick-off event for the CRMX products with a hands-on workshop in Bright's offices on March 7th. Anders Ardstål from LumenRadio will be present and demonstrate the complete CRMX product range including the SuperNova management software. The workshop will include a general introduction to wireless DMX and RDM distribution technologies as well as in-depth sessions on practical issues ranging from control protocols to equipment and antenna selection and placement. The entire award winning CRMX product lineup will be available to participants for hands-on use and experimentation.

"We are very excited to take on LumenRadio's CRMX wireless DMX/RDM products as they are a perfect complement to our other brands. The interest in wireless technologies is growing rapidly and we receive frequent requests for such system from our clients. By taking on CRMX we make sure our customers have access to the absolutely most reliable and best performing system on the market", said Per Sjømoen of Bright.

“Norway is an important market for LumenRadio and we are proud to announce that Bright, who has served their customers with excellent products and services for many years, has been appointed distributor for the Norwegian market. We are convinced Bright will do very well representing our CRMX wireless lighting controls in their territory and we expect great results from the impressive rollout plan they have for our products”, said Anders ArdstÃ¥l, Vice President of Sales at LumenRadio.

A limited number of seats are available; to reserve your seat please send an email to: [email protected] For more information about Bright, please visit

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