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LumenRadio announces Japanese certification and distribution

LumenRadio announces Japanese certification and distribution

japanese-certificate.jpgLumenRadio, technology leader in wireless lighting controls, has been granted Japanese certification for its CRMX products in compliance with the latest version of the ARIB STD-T66 standard. The certification, similar to FCC in the USA and ETSI/CE in the EU, was issued by the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) and now allows commercial sale and use of the CRMX radio technology in Japan.

The process typically takes more than a year and LumenRadio is proud to have received the certification in record time after a thorough technical investigation and extensive research of the applicable radio systems standards in Japan.

LumenRadio also announces Mileruntech Ltd as the exclusive CRMX distributor for Japan. The company is one of the largest specialty distributors in Japan and has long and extensive experience with signal distribution, networking, automation and lighting controls, as well as design of complete projection and lighting systems.

"We have been searching for a reliable and full featured wireless DMX/RDM system for some time and found CRMX not only to meet, but also exceed, our expectations. Our customers demand systems with zero downtime and that provide the absolute highest level of performance. LumenRadio's excellent reputation within the industry and its very deep radio expertise and extensive technical support were also important factors in our decision to join their distribution network. We are looking forward to represent the CRMX product line in the Japanese market and we have already many exciting projects lined up", says Kouichi Usami, CEO at Mileruntech Ltd.

"With the STD-T66 certification in place and Milenruntech Ltd as exclusive CRMX distributor, we look forward to start the sales in Japan. Mileruntech's considerable knowhow, specifically in the signal distribution and networking areas, makes them the perfect partner for us and we have great expectations for what they can do with our products in the demanding Japanese market", says Anders Ardstål, VPO at LumenRadio.

For more information about Mileruntech Ltd, please visit

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