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LumenRadio and Leafun (Formerly Leifull) team up for Chinese training sessions

LumenRadio, technology leader in wireless lighting controls, and Leafun, leading distributor of premium entertainment lighting brands in China, recently teamed up to offer training sessions at Leafun's facilities in Guangzhou. The 7-8 December sessions focused on how to plan and implement complex indoor and outdoor wireless lighting control systems, as well as how to use RDM and LumenRadio's CRMX SuperNova software to remotely configure and monitor wireless installations.

"LumenRadio is very happy to work with Leafun in bringing CRMX to the Chinese market. Leafun is certainly the optimal partner for us to work with to establish CRMX as the best-of-class wireless lighting controls in China. We have high expectations for the many upcoming projects in China in 2011; a year that is promising to be very exciting for us", explains Anders Ardstål VPO of LumenRadio.

"We are looking forward to start rolling out CRMX wireless lighting controls in China together with other premier brands such as ROBE and Avolites. There are several prestigious outdoor and broadcast installations coming up which are perfect for the reliability, flexibility, and RDM functionality that only CRMX can offer. The two days of training sessions have been critical for us and our customers in understanding how much more you can do as well as how much time and money you can save with the new CRMX wireless technology LumenRadio offers and we are now eager to get started," explains Steven Cai Assistant Marketing Director of Leafun.

Chinese customers who want to learn more about how CRMX make wireless lighting controls more reliable, flexible and cost-effective than cables are encouraged to contact Leafun directly at:

Phone: +86 20 8552 9280

Email: [email protected]


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