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LumenRadio and the art of Iktomia

LumenRadio and the art of Iktomia

live-design.jpgLumenRadio's CRMX technology, together with lighting fixtures from Robe and Anolis, was recently used to illuminate and enhance a fascinating public renovation and arts project, named Iktomia, by German designer and sculptor Volker-Johannes Trieb.

Iktomia consists of an art gallery, an event venue, a sprawling public garden, and the old railway station of Sutthausen; a picturesque village located in the German countryside close to the border with the Netherlands. The design mandate called for an extensive lighting system to make the area attractive and engaging to the public also after dark.

Trieb, in cooperation with LumenRadio's distributor LMP, commissioned a lighting rig of powerful, yet inconspicuous, CitySkape 48 and CitySource 96 Robe fixtures; all with wireless CRMX OEM modules already installed. This rig, with a compliment of Anolis in-ground ArcSource 12 RGB LEDs, provide vibrant color washes and powerful highlights enabling the artist to create an eye-catching and dynamic environment that brings a different visual dimension to the area when the sun goes down.

LumenRadio's wireless technology, including outdoor CRMX Slim units to go with the in-ground fixtures, provided an easy to install, economical, and unobtrusive solution to distribute DMX and RDM to the entire lighting installation. Control was provided by a CueCore system from Visual Productions and by an e:cue Butler XT from Traxon Technologies - an Osram Company.

"We were very proud to collaborate with Volker-Johannes on this project. The results are amazing, with Iktomia taking on a completely different after dark dimension through the lighting scheme", says LMP's Marketing Manager Mark Petzold, "Signal distribution presented a huge problem in this environment and LumenRadio's CRMX technology offered a cost-effective, reliable, and most importantly, invisible solution to this challenge."

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