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Lumen Monster at LDI

Lumen Monster at LDI


The Black Tank, manufacturer of the world's smallest professional grade LED fixtures, The BRICKBLASTER Pro series, will be debuting the newest additions to their product line. The new LUMEN MONSTER series will be on display at LDI 2011 in Booth 420 along with the rest of the BRICKBLASTER series (the 1200 lumen RGBW, the 3110 lumen variable color temperature WNC and the new UV LED Black Light).

The LUMEN MONSTER Series are 5" Cubed, 100 W, LED Fixtures and are perfect for stage, studio, TV/Film, architainment, cruise ships, rental, portable applications, themed environments or anywhere else massive output and small form factor are required. The fixtures boast a native circular beam with a sharp cutoff, which can be easily changed to a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical beam angles, and massive lumen output which allow the fixture to be used for front, key and side stage lighting applications and also to generate washes, warm truss or to "slice" a wall to create a grazing effect. Some additional notable features include - locking 120VAC input and passthrough (no power supplies needed), full speed 8 and 16 bit flicker free theatrical grade dimming, the ability to gang in linear or stacked arrays (similar to the BRICKBLASTER Pro series) and standalone operation which generates real DMX (not proprietary "master/slave"). Check out this video focused on the BRICKBLASTER Pro RGBW. All features outlined in the video are present in all of The Black Tank's products (BRICKBLASTER Pro RGBW, UV and WNC and LUMEN MONSTER series).

The LUMEN MONSTER RGBW is a color changing, 5" Cubed, 100W LED Fixture with a conservative estimated output of 2750 lumens.

The LUMEN MONSTER WWCW is a variable color temperature (2800k to 6500k) white light, 5" Cubed, 100W LED Fixture with a conservative estimated output of 4750 lumens.

Both fixtures can be controlled via standalone modes or by 8 or 16 bit DMX and have an extensive feature set including:

>· CREE MCE Color Mixing LEDs - No color shadows.

>· Performance Specifications and Flicker Free Operation to Rival or Surpass the Best Fixtures on the Market Today

>· 5”x5”x5” Form Factor and Light Weight Design

>· Modularity Allows for Reconfiguration in the Field, Custom Bracket Design or Integration Into Set Piece and Furniture

>· User Friendly Interface to Allow for Control of Features and for DMX Addressing

>· Full Speed DMX Control – 8 bit or 16 bit, Two Unique Universes, DMX IN/Out Connectors

>· Stand Alone Modes That Output Real DMX

>· Easily Interchangeable Holographic Diffuser Films to Accommodate 15, 20, 40 and 60 Degree Beam Spreads

>· No Power Supplies Needed – 120VAC Locking Neutrik Input and Pass Thru

>· Replacement of any Part on the Unit

>· Internal Memory Which Automatically Stores the Last Setting at Shut Down

>· Low power consumption – 24 Units Can be Powered from a Single 120VAC/20 Amp Circuit

>· Portable Design - Ruggedized 2 and 8 Pack Bundles Ready for Rental or Use Same Day as Received

>· Removable Powder Coated Enclosure Allows for Custom Painting

>· Track Mounting Adapters Available

Please contact [email protected] or visit booth 420 at LDI 2011 for more information.


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