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LTP Lights New Hemel Hempstead Footbridge

LTP Lights New Hemel Hempstead Footbridge


Llannelli based Lighting Technology Projects (LTP) has created an elegant lighting design and completed installation of the scheme for the new Alfie Morland pedestrian bridge in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK.

LTP was commissioned by award winning developers Dandara Ltd, who co-ordinated the construction and delivery of the bridge, an eye-catching addition to Hemel Hempstead's new contemporary town centre 'Image' development.

It's the first time that LTP has worked with Dandara, who saw their lighting scheme for the Perryn Road Footbridge in west London which was completed earlier in the year.

The Alfie Morland Bridge's modern innovative design features a distinctive single span cable structure and traverses the Leighton Buzzard Road.

Apart from being subtle in terms of the installation and looking fabulous, the lighting design had to conform to BS Standards BS5489-1:2003 + A2:2008 for road lighting - which governs the specific lux levels required to light public bridges and highways.

The LTP team - project managed on site by Jonathan Adkins and co-ordinated in the office by Keith Elms - formulated a design and specification that met and exceeded the required lux levels of 300 or above, utilising 90 x IP67 UniLED handrail fixtures to light the main bridge span.

Each one of these IP 67 rated exterior LED strips gives a 4 Watt output at 6000°K, and is ensconced within the underside of the handrail at a 45 degree angle, virtually concealed from view, while emitting the correct lux levels.

At one end of the bridge is a lift housing with 2 elevated arms, to which the supporting wires are anchored, and this aspect of the structure is illuminated with four exterior 150 Watt discharge floods, located on the east and south faces of the lift housing, supplied complete with internal ballasts and 400 mm 'stand off' fixing arms and front protection grills.

A further two 35 Watt discharge (NDL) floods with black bodies are located on the north face of the lift housing with four 70w versions for the approach ramp.

“It was about finding a practical solution that was right for the environment, that fitted the aesthetic and could physically be installed without impacting on the impressive architecture of the bridge,” explains Keith Elms. He adds that it was an "interesting" challenge and also a great pleasure to be asked to work on the project, "Bridges are always very special structures to light, and architectural lighting is a finishing touch that should have great public appeal as well as practical value".

LTP's previous recent experiences of lighting the Fabien Way Bridge in Swansea, the Perryn Road Footbridge and Tradeston Bridge in Glasgow also proved invaluable in getting the right results.

Collaborating very closely with Dandara from the early stages helped make the project flow smoothly. In addition to the lighting design, LTP presented all the supporting photometric data, together with detailed CAD drawings identifying mains circuit layouts and electrical loading, and technical spec of the proposed products.

Once the design was signed off, the lighting installation took place over a month, and the bridge was officially opened by the Mayor of Hemel Hempstead. It makes it much safer and more accessible for anyone on foot wanting to cross the road as well as already becoming a stylish local landmark.

For more press info on LTP, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]'. To contact LTP direct, please call +44 1554 740509 or check

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