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LTM Supplies New LoadGuard® Motors  to OTT for JLS Tour

LTM Supplies New LoadGuard® Motors to OTT for JLS Tour


Merseyside, UK, based lifting, control and rigging sales specialist Lift-Turn-Move (LTM) has supplied 40 x 1 tonne LoadGuard® hoists to Over The Top Rigging (OTT).

These were specified by Mark Wade, who is production rigger for the current JLS UK arena tour with his company OTT supplying all the tour's rigging equipment and services to the show's technical producers, Production North.

Thirty-five of the double-braked, motors to BS7906: Part 1- Category A are used to suspend a U shaped catwalk approximately 120 ft long that flies in low above the audience so the UK's favourite boyband can perform a whole section of the show right above the heads of their hugely enthusiastic fans.

The beauty of the LoadGuard® to this standard, explains Wade, is the fact that being double braked and with the clutch system outside the drive train, in the event of any clutch problems the load is not compromised and there is no need to use safeties. This makes rigging a large moving set piece like this a much faster and more streamlined operation.

OTT has been a long term customer of LTM, and the LoadGuards® were recommended to Wade as ideal for the job by LTM's John Jones. "I completely trust John," he comments, "He's extremely safety conscious, and apart from that, offered me a very competitive deal, and as always, the service from LTM is excellent".

The LoadGuard® safety specification and information is clearly printed on the side of the hoists so this can be easily pointed out to the Health & Safety staff who inspect the rig at each venue.

Each of the two brakes will directly stop the load, and the motor has low voltage control, upper and lower geared electrical limit switches plus emergency limit switches. Movable mechanical chain stops for additional safety are also standard.

Wade also comments that they are very quiet, not that this is an issue for the JLS tour as the screaming of the audience gives the PA a good run for its money both in terms of SPL and dB levels! However for future projects, the silent running has massive advantages in corporate and theatrical environments.

Wade continues, “The Guardianâ„¢ encoders (developed by Dave Ward from LTM) fitted inside the motors are much more accurate than encoders I have used before, everyone so far has liked the look and sound of the new motors”.

More equipment purchased from LTM is used at the top of the show for a highly entertaining stunt, as JLS start the set riding in the chassis of a modified Ford Mustang car suspended in the roof at high level. This flies down and out over the audience, turns and then tracks back to the stage where it's lowered and they disembark and start the drive in part of the set.

The traverse movement of the car is achieved using a Gis KB enclosed track system, using 2 parallel tracks attached to trussing - this is very strong and easy to assemble. The beam trolleys fit into the tracks and are driven by 2 friction tugs. The car rotates on a custom frame with 4 integral motors attached to a circular section of the same trussing track, both sections of the track have limit switches.

Wade uses 2 IBEX controllers for the up and down movement of the catwalk and the car, he is delighted with the performance of the LoadGuards® "They are going to be very busy, and I already have jobs lined up for them next year," he states.

The JLS tour is currently scheduled to run until the end of January 2011.

For more press information on LTM - Lift Turn Move, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 1865 202679/+44 7831 329888 or Email me [email protected] To contact LTM direct, please call +44 151 649 0467 or check

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