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LMG Touring Maps Worldwide OCEANIA Tour for Smashing Pumpkins

LMG Touring Maps Worldwide OCEANIA Tour for Smashing Pumpkins

lmg_smashing-pumpkins.jpgOrlando, Fla. – LMG Touring is currently on the road with the Smashing Pumpkins providing innovative video projection mapping for OCEANIA, their first major tour in over ten years. The world tour kicked off in late July, and has travelled to cities throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, before gearing up for the North American leg in September.

Rising above the stage, a 28' sphere was projection mapped with a spectacular visual display of video, graphics and imagery created by Sean Evans (Roger Waters' The Wall), set to the music of the Smashing Pumpkins' new album, OCEANIA. To accomplish the projection, LMG Touring used ten Barco HDX W18 projectors, rigged and placed throughout the venue to ensure complete audience coverage across the enormous sphere. Using Coolux Pandora Box Media Server systems, LMG Touring was able to render and map seamless edge-blended images onto the unique circular surface area.

lmg_smashing-pumpkins2.jpg“We pre-programmed and tested the projection mapping at our Orlando facilities weeks before the first rehearsal to ensure image consistency on the sphere,” states Craig Mitchell, touring sales manager at LMG. “This setup is definitely one-of-a-kind, so we did not want to leave any stone unturned,” says Mitchell. Working with Smashing Pumpkins' production manager, Chris Gratton on design concept and logistics, LMG Touring was challenged to develop a technical plan for the sphere that would execute successfully, while sustaining the rigorous schedule of the tour. “The best part for us was creating a technical solution that didn't compromise the artist's vision. It looks simply amazing.”

LMG Touring, a division of LMG, Inc., helps artists to produce spectacular shows through the integration of high-end audio, video, lighting and satellite web streaming. LMG Touring specializes in white glove service and custom package development utilizing innovative concert touring equipment such as audio systems, lightweight LED, video flypacks, and high output speaker systems.

About LMG, Inc.

Founded in 1984 by CEO Les Goldberg, LMG, Inc., is divided into three business segments – show technology, systems integration, and touring - each with a common mission of providing innovative video, audio and lighting solutions and technical expertise through personalized service, high quality technology, and a commitment to continuous improvement. LMG has offices in Orlando, Tampa, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Nashville. For more information, visit and

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