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LMG Adds K1 Series To L-ACOUSTICS Product Line

LMG Adds K1 Series To L-ACOUSTICS Product Line

Orlando, FL. – LMG, Inc., a full service provider of video, audio and lighting support, recently added a supply of the L-ACOUSTICS K1 large format line source to the firm's audio inventory to support live events. L-ACOUSTICS Team visits LMG Orlando corporate headquarters

The K1 series is designed with superior SPL, LF and throw capability for large venue applications, and a state of the art rigging system for exceptional accuracy and quick set-up. The K1 has been designed to seamlessly combine with KUDOs for complementary fills, delays and SB28 subwoofers. Kevin Bridges, LMG's Director of Audio Services states, “If all they had done was put the same rigging on the existing V-DOSC, I would have been happy. L-ACOUSTICS has done so much more - the added detail, especially in the mid range, coupled with an incredible amount of output make this the best sounding system I've ever heard.”

LMG offers a wide range of L-ACOUSTICS products as part of their rental inventory. “We have a history of success with the L-ACOUSTICS product line, and have significantly increased our inventory this year with the addition of the KARA, KIVA, KILO, and SB28 solutions,” said Les Goldberg, CEO/president of LMG. “The K1 series is a perfect system to round out our offerings for both show and concert touring clients with large venue needs.”

For more information on the K1 Series, visit LMG's website.

Photo Caption: L-ACOUSTICS Team visits LMG Orlando corporate headquarters. From left to right:David John (LMG), L-ACOUSTIC's founder Dr. Christian Heil, Florent Bernard (L-ACOUSTICS), LMG CEO Les Goldberg, Paul Freudenberg (L-ACOUSTICS), and Kevin Bridges (LMG)

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