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Live Earth India 2008


OK, I've once again been conned by the editor into a new literary endeavor in starting my first foray of this Blogging thing. For the topic of discussion, I've chosen my next project which is Live Earth India.

For those of you that don't know, Live Earth was a rather massive production held on 07/07/2007. It was seven concert stages in seven cities around the globe with various performers all brought together to raise awareness of the global warming crisis that we are facing.

On December 7, 2008 Live Earth India will be held as a single event in Mumbai to continue the efforts of global warming awareness but obviously focused more toward the Indian citizens.

As it stands right now I'm slated to fly to Mumbai this Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) to meet up with my fellow crew members and begin the process of putting together a large-scale production in a country that is typically strewn with production challenges.

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