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Litestructures supplies Christmas chandeliers at Covent Garden

Litestructures supplies Christmas chandeliers at Covent Garden

Christmas at Covent GardenThe millions of shoppers and tourists who flock to London's Covent Garden during the Christmas season can enjoy a special and illuminating treat, courtesy of Litestructures. The area's central plaza has two Palladian-styled buildings, both of which now sport festive, impressive chandeliers.

Fulfilling a commission from Jackie Cooper PR, longstanding Litestructures customers United Visual Artists (UVA specified four large chandeliers, two of them 6m high and another two 8m, one of each to hang in both buildings. The circular bases have 2.5m diameters constructed using LitePro290-3, all clad with black powder coated aluminium sheet. UVA provided the creative driving force behind the project, with Litestructures interpreting the design into aluminium assemblies, prebuilding and pre-wiring all elements off-site at their Wakefield base. Litestructures then coordinated the installation, using a combination of LTM LoadGuard™ hoists to ensure safe suspension, with a dedicated rigging team from Alternative Access, to install during the night over the first week in November. In time for the November 9th switch-on, this project took a mere 4 weeks from concept to completion.

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