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Litestructures Enjoys Random Dance

Random Dance is a world renowned touring dance troop, and so big new for 2008 was the launch of a new touring show, Entity, headed by award winning Royal Ballet choreographer Wayne McGregor.

A unique fusion of art and technology, the show features heavily on 3 large mechanical set pieces with which the dancers interact. Faced with a grueling touring programme, combined with a challenging technical brief, Random Dance approached Litestructures to design and manufacture these three main pieces.

The technical solution is an innovative combination of new and established technologies. Utilising Litestructures LiteTower base and truss masts, combined with a totally custom multilink mechanical setup, creates what are effectively large aluminium ‘nodding donkeys', not dissimilar to those seen in oil drilling operations. Standing at a maximum overall height of nearly 7m and each capable of lifting a 10m wide x 2m high wooden wing weighing nearly 100kg, these impressive pieces can be built just a couple of hours. The systems incorporate a number of innovations, such as an adjustable ‘water ballast' tank, which can compensate for different wing configurations, and a maintenance free linear drive system.

Having undertaken the initial design and engineering study, Litestructures were able to complete manufacture in just 4 weeks from receipt of order – just in time to be ready for a key tour date of 6th November at Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam.

Random Dance Technical Manager, Pauric Hackett commented, “with the set pieces being such a fundamental part of entity, we auditioned a number of manufacturers for their ideas and feedback to ensure that we found the right solution. From the very start, Litestructures seemed engaged and keen to understand the correct solution, and remained that way until a successful delivery completed the project”. -

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