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Litec Launches New Version of its  Most Popular Truss Range

Litec Launches New Version of its Most Popular Truss Range


A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd's Rigging division, the exclusive UK distributor of Litec truss are pleased to announce the latest evolution of their most popular truss range QX30S.

The new version, named QX30AC has been developed directly for A.C. Rigging in answer to requests from some of its most prolific customers and is a direct evolution of the most widely used truss from the manufacturer.

The primary feature of the new QX30AC is a change to the main chords of the truss, which now feature a 48.3mm outer dimension tube with a wall thickness of 3mm. Additionally, the diagonals have been changed to a 16mm x 2mm tube to keep weight down while maintaining maximum strength of the structure.

This change makes the truss even more useful as a key rental product. The thicker wall makes the truss more robust to knocks and bumps and the 48mm O.D. means the truss can be used with common scaffolding type fittings which, when used with 50mm truss chords, can cause damage to the truss.

The new design also results in an increase in strength of over 30%, which makes it almost as strong as Litec's heavy duty end plated truss QD30S, but with a much more elegant design and much lower self weight.

The new QX30AC series truss still employs the same end plate design and dual connection systems of QXFC fast connection kits or M10 hex socket head nut and bolt kits, ensuring full compatibility of trusses and accessories between the new and existing lines.

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