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Linkin Park Takes Their Performance on SNL to the Next Level:

Linkin Park Takes Their Performance on SNL to the Next Level:

linkin-park-snl.jpgLast week, Linkin Park lived up to the expectations and created two memorable performances as they broke out video screens and lasers to create radiant visual scanning effects of imagery on their bodies. The design concept was to turn their live performance into the video theme of their hit song Waiting For The End, off their latest album, A Thousand Suns.

A few weeks prior to Linkin Park's performance on Saturday Night Live, rapper/vocalist Shinoda said in an interview with MTV News, "So we have a couple of things planned for 'SNL' this time that are unique for us and, I'm pretty sure, unique for their show. I don't think anyone's done anything like this on their show. I think lately people have been pushing the envelope with that show, and on TV in general, and for us especially, we feel like there's a way to make it a little extra-special "

Laser Design Productions designed creative concept illustrations and video demos to present to Tour Manager Jim Digby. Operation Manager Victor Tomei worked with Laser Programmer Jason McEachern to create the effects with two full color OPS laser systems. There was a clear understanding of the safety elements to the band members who followed specific instructions and wore specific laser safety glasses during their performance. “The band and Jim Digby were great to work with, commented McEachern. I advised them of all the safety parameters and they were completely coherent with the effect and making it happen. Jim was excellent in enhancing the design through the various rehearsals to get the most out of the performance. At the end of it all, the effect worked very well and as Shinoda predicted it revealed a design that further pushed the envelope.

For further information contact:

Jim Schorer

Pyrotek Special Effects Inc.

[email protected]

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