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A Limerick for City Theatrical

Sometimes, when I have a hard time vocalizing what something means to me, I write limericks. So, City Theatrical, this is for you.

City Theatrical is the company for you.

When you want to make a thing blue.

Or red, or green,

or something between.

As they power an L.E.D. or two.

They have some top hats for lights.

And irises to make it tight.

And brains and chains,

Plus eight universe mains,

Or John Mckernon's Lightwright.

If drafting is perhaps your gig,

Then Spotlight will track the rig.

All the purposes and positions,

and countless renditions,

But it's unfortunate the cost is so big.

Their Blacktax will hide a spill,

Of light pouring onto a sil.

And their candles will “burn,”

(Well … the L.E.Ds just churn).

So fire marshals just chill.

City Theatrical, you make our world work.

From lighting to fogging to Cirque.

We're glad that you're here,

don't disappear,

Or everything might go berserk.

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