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Lightwright Touch is now available for iPad

Lightwright Touch is now available for iPad

Lightwright Touch on the Apple iPad
West Side Systems announces the release of Lightwright Touch for the Apple iPad. Lightwright Touch brings portability and ease of use of the iPad to the industry standard record-keeping workflow of Lightwright. A Lightwright worksheet can be transmitted to the iPad via iTunes, email or file sharing. In Lightwright Touch it can be viewed, sorted, navigated, edited, annotated, and then sent back to Lightwright where changes can be merged into the original show file, and through Lightwright's data exchange with Vectorworks, into the light plot as well.

Lightwright Touch offers the familiar Lightwright controls for viewing information for all equipment in an entertainment lighting rig, or a selection filtered to a specific channel, dimmer, position, purpose, etc., and sorted by any of the dozens of Lightwright data categories. Worksheet columns can be added, deleted and rearranged with a few quick finger taps. Any data on the worksheet can be modified, and a summary of the changes made on the iPad can be viewed or emailed at any time. Notes can be added to worksheet rows, and then emailed or reviewed in Lightwright.

Lightwright Touch Screen Shot 2
Lightwright Touch is the product Eric Cornwell of West Side Systems and Pocket Lighting, a developer of really useful iPhone apps including BeamCalc, DMXCalc, PowerCalc, and ShowTimer to name a few as well as the the very cool, and very useful, Virtual Light Lab. Cornwell designed Lightwright Touch in collaboration with Lightwright's creator, John McKernon. The result will look familiar to long time Lightwright users, while embracing the innovations of the iPad world. Cornwell notes "This initial release is the long-awaited first step in bringing Lightwright to the iOS platform. We are quite excited about what the future holds for both Lightwright Touch and Lightwright. Stay tuned."

Lightwright Touch is available only from the App Store through iTunes or the iPad App Store app for $49.99. Lightwright 5 is available from City Theatrical Dealers. For more information about Lightwright Touch, visit For more information about Lightwright, visit

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