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Lightwright Touch - Coming Soon to an iPad Near You

Lightwright Touch - Coming Soon to an iPad Near You

Lightwright Touch which brings Lightwright to the iPad

In my conversations with John McKernon, I have brought up the question that I get asked a lot, when will Lightwright™ 5 be available for the iPad. John tells me that he has been thinking about it and it was on the list for development. A few months ago, he suggested doing what he did for his shows, which was to make his LW files into a PDF and use the iAnnotate app for the iPad to view his paperwork on the iPad.

Well, when I stopped by to see him at the City Theatrical booth yesterday, he handed me a card with a picture of an iPad running LW5 and the tease "Coming Soon." It turns out that he has made a deal with Eric Cornwell of West Side Systems and Pocket Lighting, a developer of really useful iPhone apps including BeamCalc, DMXCalc, PowerCalc, and ShowTimer to name a few. (He also makes the very cool and very useful Virtual Light Lab.)

Lightwright™ Touch will be a iPad app for viewing and editing Lightwright worksheets on the go. You will be able to make changes, add notes, and sync back to Lightwright.

I for one cannot wait to try this app out and hearing about how many people who are the proud owners of LW, I'm sure that this is one more convenience factor that will spur on more iPad sales.

Be sure to stop by the City Theatrical booth #1424 to see Lightwright 5 and it's integration with Vectorworks, which City Theatrical is now distributing as well.

For more information, please go to or And of course for more information on Lightwright 5 and Vectorworks, go to

I would love to hear from LDI 2010 attendees on what they thought about new products at the show. You can feel free to drop me an e-mail at [email protected] or tweet me at and tell me what you've discovered.

Michael S. Eddy owns Eddy Marketing & Consulting, which handles marketing, media relations, and events. He also freelances as a writer on design and technology. He can be reached at [email protected] He has worked in the entertainment technology industry for over 25 years with ETC, Rosco, Barbizon and Kliegl Bros. as well as being a lighting designer and technical editor.

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