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Lightwright On The iPad?

I've bumped into Mr. Baldwin once on location. I peed next to Mr. Stalone at an event years ago. But talking with John McKernon, creator of Lightwright, now that gets me excited. Yep. I'm a super-duper lighting geek.

LW5 has fundamentally changed the way we interact with Vectorworks. The iPad has changed how show information is used on site, in many cases replacing or simplifying the large binders. So, why not combine them? Lightwright on your iPad!?!

Now it's clear this ap will not be for everyone. In some theatrical environments, it may not be necessary to have an electronic, portable copy of the paperwork. And currently technology exists to print to PDF and read the paperwork on the iPad already. So we're talking a niche' market within a niche' market. However, I can see some uses for it on large events with multiple locations. Add some networkability so changes propagate through a network to the same job file open on different computers and you have one robust tool for data management. Ultimately how the iPad has changed job sites is still up for review, as such where exactly Lightwright Touch fits is too. Regardless, it's exciting to see the touch version come to life.

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