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Lights Out for Tulsa Arena with Wybron Mechanical Dimmers

Lights Out for Tulsa Arena with Wybron Mechanical Dimmers

Wybron Eclipse Iris IT mechanical dimmer/dowser at Union Multipurpose Activity Center, Tulsa, Okla.You don't get much flexibility with discharge lights. Since they can't be electrically dimmed, turn one off and you'll wait 10 minutes for it to power back up.

Wybron's mechanical dimmers solved this problem for a 5,600-seat arena in Tulsa.

The Eclipse Iris IT, a mechanical dimmer/dowser, is attached to 48 sports lights at the Union Multipurpose Activity Center, a facility owned by Union Public Schools and used for tournaments, trade shows, conventions, and more.

Here the Eclipses turn ordinary arena lights into entertainment lights, letting the massive fixtures go from bright to black – and back again – in the blink of an eye.

After five years of use, Technical Manager Bryan Deyo said he's still pleased with the Wybron Eclipses.

"I can honestly say I've never had one get stuck," Deyo said. "They're really a good unit."

Deyo often uses the Eclipses during basketball season to plunge the arena into darkness for player introductions, allowing him to use spotlights and moving heads for dramatic effects. Then Deyo opens the Eclipses, instantly flooding the arena with light so the game can begin.

The unique design of the Eclipse Iris ensures no fins block the light when the unit is fully open. And it produces an even dimming effect at a speed chosen by the operator.

Wybron also offers the Eclipse Shutter IT, which can produce strobe effects and fast cuts with motorized blades positioned in front of the light. Arenas use the Eclipse Shutter to produce strobe effects and chase sequences.

For more information visit or call (719) 548-9774.

VIDEOS: Eclipse Iris IT | Eclipse Shutter IT


Wybron designs and manufactures innovative, practical, and high-quality lighting equipment for some of the biggest entertainment productions in the world. Wybron remains committed to standardized two-way communication protocols that help users more easily manage their lighting rigs – sending valuable feedback from your lighting equipment to your laptop.

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