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LightFactory Version 2.11 Now Available

LightFactory Version 2.11 Now Available

1329122187screenshot3_1.jpgDream Solutions kicks off its 10th anniversary year with the highly anticipated release of version 2.11. This latest version brings more exciting new features designed to make programming shows faster and more streamlined. This release is a free upgrade for existing version 2 users and continues the reputation that LightFactory is the most versatile software based lighting control system on the market.

What’s new in Version 2.11:
• New dark styling option for low light environments.
• Redesigned and improved Colour and Gobo chooser.
• Ability to set a colour or movement path for every fixture in every cue.
• Option to set the video and audio level for each cue.
• Per step timing on simple chase effects.
• LightShop Online integration.
• Invert & Mirror Options added to colour fanning.

The latest version of LightFactory is free to download from:

LightFactory has more than 5500 licensed users worldwide in the past 10 years and its controls solutions have seen great success in a variety of applications. From running major stadium spectaculars with up to 150 DMX universes to local theatre pantomimes, to night clubs and events, museums and architainment applications, LightFactory is the most comprehensive, user friendly, and cost effective lighting controls solution on the market.

LightFactory offers a “no compromise approach” in blending traditional theatrical dimmer controls with a fully featured, interactive moving lights suite and the latest in multi-media capabilities. LightFactory was designed with the idea that every lighting engineer, operator, or designer could afford to own his or her own infinitely scalable control system. One system they are completely familiar with, that works in every situation they face, and one they can rely on every time. Competing software control systems attempt to mimic the consoles they replace with a focus on moving light support. LightFactory closes the gap with the traditional console in a revolutionary, simplified software based solution with flexible hardware options at a benchmark price point.

For more information please visit

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