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LightFactory Shortcuts for iPad Now Available

LightFactory Shortcuts for iPad Now Available

lightfactory-shortcuts.jpgAUCKLAND, NZ. Dream Solutions is pleased to announce the publication of its FREE “ LightFactory Shortcuts” app for iPad devices on the Apple App Store. This is a simple to use app that provides full access to all of the shortcuts you have setup in LightFactory. Because LightFactory shortcuts can do anything you want there is no part of the software out of reach from this app. With this powerful tool there is no need to do any button configuration on the iPad itself as all of the colours and descriptions are automatically retrieved from your LightFactory system.

• Zero configuration iPad app
• Access any page (up to 100,000 shortcuts)
• use swipe gestures to change page
• Automatically discovers your LightFactory software

For more information visit:

The latest version of LightFactory is free to download from:

LightFactory has more than 5000 licensed users worldwide and its controls solutions have seen great success in a variety of applications. From running major stadium spectaculars with up to 100 DMX universes to local theatre pantomimes, to night clubs and events, museums and architainment applications, LightFactory is the most comprehensive, user friendly, and cost effective lighting controls solution on the market.

LightFactory offers a “no compromise approach” in blending traditional theatrical dimmer controls with a fully featured, interactive moving lights suite and the latest in multi-media capabilities. LightFactory was designed with the idea that every lighting engineer, operator, or designer could afford to own his or her own infinitely scalable control system. One system they are completely familiar with, that works in every situation they face, and one they can rely on every time. Competing software control systems attempt to mimic the consoles they replace with a focus on moving light support. LightFactory closes the gap with the traditional console in a revolutionary, simplified software based solution with flexible hardware options at a benchmark price point.

For more information please visit

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