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LightFactory running 114 Universe Christmas Display

Dream Solutions – LightFactory is proud to be running its largest show this Christmas; A 114 universe, 17,000 channel show controlling over 47,000 lights. The setup included several custom controllers running both sACN and Artnet data on the same network.

LightFactory allowed the designers to utilize a single platform to program Dimmers, Moving Lights & thousands of RGB lights using both traditional lighting cues, chases & effects. Many effects would not have been possible without using the built in channel matrix mapping and image movement engine. Other tools, including the timeline editor proved invaluable to keeping the lighting synchronized with the music.

The show is produced & designed by Brooklyn NY based firm Eclectic Precision and ran from December 1st to the 23rd in Connecticut.

The show runs on a single Core i7 processor PC, proving you do not need an expensive distributed network to run a large show. While running a show of this scale on a traditional (non video server) lighting control system is a great achievement, LightFactory will also be found on every scale of show this holiday season.

A free trial version of LightFactory can be download from:

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