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Lightfactor supplies more Nova-Flowers to STL

Lightfactor supplies more Nova-Flowers to STL


Watford, UK, based Lightfactor, leading professional lighting sales company and distributor for Italian manufacturer Novalight, has sold more Nova-Flower 2K high powered 'flower' effect units to STL, doubling the Kent based rental company's hire stock of these popular 'specials'.

STL first invested in Novalight products last year, when Lightfactor supplied them with both Nova-Flower and High Ground units. These have proved an enormous success, both for use on STL's own shows and as a cross hire item, necessitating the purchase of more Nova-Flowers. These were delivered just in time for the annual Fireworks Spectacular at Leeds Castle.

STL's Phil Parsons designed an environmental lighting scheme located around the main Leeds Castle building which was a vital component of the multi-layered visuals for this acclaimed event. Lasers were also involved in supporting the fabulous central pyro extravaganza designed by Alchemy Fireworks.

The soundtrack for the 2010 Leeds fireworks was a "Music From Films" montage. STL received a copy of the score beforehand, plus a list of colours and visual effects running for Alchemy's show, so they could programme and match lighting effects to coincide with the action in the sky.

The Nova Flowers and the High Grounds are perfect lighting effects for this application because of their power, impact and colour changing abilities. When there's an intense pyro show happening above, dense smoke fall out can effectively obliterate even the brightest lighting fixtures momentarily .... but not these!!

Four of the High Ground fixtures and 3 Nova-Flowers were positioned along the wall of the Castle and used for skimming across the lake, creating great atmospherics and providing impressive beam support and infill for the foreground area. Meantime, the pyro was being detonated from 3 different sites inside and behind the Castle.

The show kicked off with the iconic 20th Century Fox intro music blasting out over the sound system, with the High Grounds and their tight super-bright beams an ideal accompaniment. They and the Nova-Flowers were controlled by Parsons - along with other luminaires - using an Avolites Pearl Expert console.

Enjoyed by up to 8000 people a night for 2 nights. the 2010 Leeds Castle Fireworks show has been hailed as one of the best to date.

Parsons likes many features on the Nova-Flowers including the full CMY colour mixing and the big WOW factors that can be produced, specially over long throw distances. This was one of many effects that worked beautifully at Leeds Castle. With the nearest audience approximately 100 metres from the lighting positions, by the time the beams actually reached them, they were super-sized and really drew spectators right into the action, all the time retaining their punch and sparkle through the smoke and haze.

With the High Grounds, Parsons likes the speed of the fixture and the zoom facility, observing that high-powered, narrow-beam effects are currently a trend on these 'spectacular' style shows.

STL's Nova-Flowers have been utilised on many other projects including the most recent X-Factor TV series and the 2010 MTV European Music Awards in Madrid (supplied via PRG) as well as on a wide variety of their own shows.

For more press info, contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]'. To contact Lightfactor direct, it's [email protected], Tel: +44(0)1923 698090

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