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Lightfactor at PLASA 09

Lightfactor at PLASA 09


Lightfactor Sales – leading UK pro lighting sales specialists – will major on showing the core architectural, theatre and live performance orientated products from high profile manufacturers like Novalight from Italy, VXCO from Switzerland, SFAT from France and Cogent and LightProcessor from the Cooper Controls team in the UK.

Lightfactor is the exclusive UK distributor for all these products.


As Novalight's UK distributor, Lightfactor has enjoyed considerable success with its high powered High-Ground and Nova-Flower range of moving lights, which will feature on the stand along with the new Nova-Beam and 2K Nova-Flower.

New Nova-Flower 2K

The buzz product will be the new Nova-Flower 2K fixture which was developed specially for show designer and LD Willie Williams for the U2 "360" tour, and is now available as a production model.

Nova-Flower 2K is a mega-bright fully programmable ‘flower effect' fixture with DMX controllable pan, tilt, colour shutter plus other standard features. Using a 2000W light source, this moving yoke fixture offers CMY mixing, rotating reflector (in both directions), pan/tilt and remote lamp re-strike. Nova-Flower can be used on the floor or mounted on truss, and can also be used in stand-alone mode programmed via the display buttons on its base. It has a weather-resistant IP 43 rating.

Nova-Flowers are also featured on the current Coldplay world tour (LD Paul Normandale).

New Nova-Beam

This is another new product from Novalight, complete with improved parallel beam and remote, super-fast linear zoom from 1.8º to 20º, 36 colours plus all the other features and functionality as the High Ground.


The DMX-controlled Novalight High-Ground uses a 2000W MSR light source and outputs 174,000 lumens. The moving yoke version pans 540° in 3.2 seconds and tilts 262° in 2.9 seconds, making it a very agile fixture. The unit offers five dichroic colours and white, plus shutter and strobe effects; another advantage is that there's no central black hole when the beam is opened to maximum.

Cogent from Cooper Controls

PLASA 09 sees a whole crop of new products from Cogent.

There is a direct dimmable replacement lamp for any 12V DC electronic transformer, with the equivalent light output of a 35W halogen source. It can be controlled from any traditional wall-mounted leading edge dimmer, and allows for straight replacement of downlighters with LEDs - just by changing the lamp.

Also new from Cogent will be a complete range of white LED replacement lamps in varying colour temperatures - covering anything from a 50mm down-lighter to a wall-washer.

A comprehensive range of Cogent RGB colour-changing LEDs will go from link-LED, strips to replaceable LED fittings for 50 mm - AR111 lightsources.

New to the range is a dimmable LED driver with variable forward currents. There are also drivers for RGB that are controlled via DMX and mains dimmable drivers of assorted sizes that can be dimmed via leading edge dimmers.

Also new is a complete range of finished LED products with their own housings, including step lights, wall washers, down-lighters and spot lights, available in single colour and RGB.

LightProcessor from Cooper Controls

The LightProcessor dimmer range includes the LP RCBO Paradim dimmer, offering all the features and values of the standard Paradims, with an RCBO on each channel for compliance with the 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671).

There is now also a wall mounted socketed Cee 17 Paradim which can be supplied with MCB, RCBO or Double Pole breakers.

Also highlighted is the full range of LightProcessor Location dimmers – a portable dimming solution for the film, TV and events industries including 6 x 10 and 6 x 16 Amp versions, complete with Cee 17's fitted on the rear, plus a 3 x 25A and a 1 x 63A module. Location dimmers come with integral mains lead, local control plus DMX and analogue inputs, plus multifunction back lit LCD display and are designed as a complete ‘ready-to-go', out of the box, plug-in-and-play dimming system.

LightProcessor's popular Zip lighting desks will be demonstrated on the stand, along with the full range of LP Dimension and Paradim touring and installation dimmers.

LightProcessor's diverse selection of DMX tools is now joined by a new RJ45 version of the popular rack, truss and wall mounted unit. This unit is designed specifically for the LED market which has adopted the RJ45 as a standard connector for DMX in and out.


New from French manufacturer SFAT on the Lightfactor stand is the Energy range of smoke, snow, foam and bubble machines. These machines deliver a cost effective solution with good output levels.

New Power Form heads for the popular 350 and 500 bases allow a foam cannon type effect to be produced.

Also prominent will be SFAT's popular range of modular effects generators – all of which fit on to the same power bases. Available heads include Wind, Snow, Foam, Jet Foam, Confetti, Flame, Airtube (inflatable) and Mist.

Lightfactor-SFAT can supply all the relevant fluids needed for operating these machines and a full range of fog fluids.


From Swiss-based VXCO, Lightfactor highlights the latest software for their DMXCreator 1024+ controller. This now includes a DMX input, so it can be used to run various sequences and shows that have been pre-programmed into the DMXCreator 1024+ via a PC from any standard DMX lighting desk. This is ideal for theatres and venues looking for a simple control solution for additional moving lights and/or LED fixtures ..... using their current DMX desk.

The DMXCreator 1024+ unit also has a Zone feature, allowing the control of different areas in a building from one stand alone box.

It is the first USB-DMX512 interface to provide 1024 output channels and 512 input channels. The 1024 output channels are on two universes and the 512 input channels on two 5-pin Neutrik XLR outputs and one 5-pin Neutrik XLR input. The DMX interface connects to the USB 1.0 or 2.0 plug-and-play port of a computer and needs no external power supply unless used in stand-alone mode.

Additional features include the USB 2.0 interface, 2 DMX universes out (1024 channels) and 1 x DMX universe in (512 channels); integrated audio circuit for beat detection; DMX record function; USB bus and powered/external power supply.

In stand alone mode, the device can store unlimited cues and different chases (over 1,000,000 scenes!) into the interface box. It has an SD card memory slot (taking up to 2Gb cards), a 9-pin DSUB for external playback of up to 8 different cues, scenes or chases plus MIDI and PS-2 Keyboard connector for outputting the chases and sequences in stand-alone mode.

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