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LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Mapping and Projection features shine at Muz TV Awards

LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Mapping and Projection features shine at Muz TV Awards

The 10th anniversary 2012 Muz TV Awards, held at the famed Olimpiisky stadium in Moscow was more than a showcase of top musical talent, it also provided a backdrop (both literally and figuratively) to demonstrate the capabilities of Light Converse Ltd.'s LIGHTCONVERSE 3D SHOW PLATFORM software and LIGHTCONVERSE SERVER hardware in action. LightConverse Muz TV Awards

The more than three hour show (Muz TV is Russia's answer to MTV) depended heavily on awe-inspiring visuals to match the level of performance onstage. Besides a magical-looking crown-like three screen center piece over center stage, video elements were also projected on two large arches (33M x 15M) stage left and right. The multiple piece arches, which opened and closed as acts performed or readied their place on either the left and right stages, required precise video mapping as content was projected while sliding elements of each arch dynamically moved in seven directions (five shifts and two rotations).

LIGHTCONVERSE software was used throughout the virtual design process for preliminary mapping visualization and projector placement using exact 3D models of the actual show which saved days, if not more, of expensive venue time due to the exact task of calculating how each of the 16 projectors used could provide the best image brightness and uniformity while remaining out of frame during the multiple camera shoot.

Once all the virtual projector placement and mapping was complete within the software, a LIGHTCONVERSE SERVER (Studio model) fed each of the placement-matched real-world projectors during the elaborate show. (Click here for the video:

Note that with LIGHTCONVERSE, projector overlap issues are automatically corrected before the signal is sent out to the actual projectors. In fact, this unique feature corrects the brightness of each overlapped output pixel resulting in an extremely smooth blend.

For more information on the award-winning (2009, 2010, 2011 ESTA/PLASA Members' Choice) LIGHTCONVERSE products contact [email protected] (Europe & Asia) or [email protected] (Americas & Australia).

A LIGHTCONVERSE Intro video to version 53 can be found here:

See LIGHTCONVERSE in action - muztv-4.jpg

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