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LEX's New, Blue PowerRAMP

LEX, my favorite power distribution solutions company, came out with the next iteration of the cable ramp, called the PowerRAMP, at LDI.  This cool, blue beauty is quite a catch.  You can lay a 5-wire run of #2 feeder in the center channel, which is cool by itself.  However the most amazing thing is how easily it mates with other PoweRAMPs.  (It mates with other brands, too.)  We all know the Cable Ramp Hop, which then turns into the Cable Ramp Stomp.  All that angry stomping cannot be good for the knees and ankles.  With LEX’s PowerRAMP, now they just magically fit together. 


Knees and ankles of electricians the world over can breathe a sigh of relief.  



TAGS: Lighting LDI
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