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Lex Products' New Six-Circuit Lighting Cable Assemblies

Lex Products Corporation has introduced an innovative solution designed with proprietary technology to deliver more durable, long-lasting six-circuit lighting cable assemblies to the entertainment industry. Lex Products, a leading North American manufacturer of power distribution and control systems, developed the solution to help remedy a long-standing industry problem of cable damage due to broken conductors and damaged ground rings caused by spinning interiors within 19 pin connectors.

The enhanced PowerFLEXâ„¢ six-circuit cable assemblies feature exclusive Lex Products PowerPARTSâ„¢ components that help prevent misalignment of male and female circuit conductors and mismatched connections.

The new cable assemblies employ the LSC19 connector (Lex Six Circuit 19 Pin Connector), a proprietary anti-rotation connector construction that includes 12 interlocking keys to prevent spinning of the interior within male and female housings.

“By listening to customers, Lex Products learned that spinning interiors were a major cause of cable damage and failure, and resulted in the need to repair or replace cable assemblies” said Bob Luther, chief executive officer of Lex Products. “The new PowerFLEX LSC19 cable assemblies that employ heavy-duty PowerPARTS components, including the LSC19 six circuit lighting connector, can offer superior durability and longer cable life.”

A full line of Lex Products PowerFLEX cable extensions, break-ins and break-outs featuring the new LSC19 connectors, are now available. Lex Products' PowerPARTS LSC19 connectors are available in male and female inline, male and female panel mount, and a spider-version inline.

Features & Benefits:

Conductor and ground ring protection: A key feature of the LSC19 solution includes a new anti-rotation connector design with 12 interlocking keys. The unique 12-keyed design prevents spinning of the insert within the connector housing, which can break conductors and loosen ground rings. The design also prevents misalignment of circuit conductors and unmateable or mismatched connections.

High Conductivity: “Tempered spring” silver-plated female contacts maintain constant pressure over the life of the device and ensure low resistance, high conductivity connections.

High Rating: Connectors are UL Recognized and rated 23 Amps, 600 VAC, and each connector can carry up to a maximum 23 Amp continuous load.

Safe Wiring: Interiors are clearly and permanently marked on front and back for ease of wiring and circuit identification. Extended grounding contacts provide a safe “first make, last break” connection.

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