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Lex Products Introduces New PowerGATE Company Switch

Lex Products Introduces New PowerGATE Company Switch

subcat_powergate_compswitch.jpgLex Products has introduced new versions of its patented PowerGATE™ Company Switch, which feature IEC 60309 pin and sleeve receptacles. The new Company Switch models are UL Listed for the United States and Canada and available in 100 and 60 Amp ratings.

Company Switches provide access to high amounts of electrical power, typically 60 Amps and above, in venues including theaters, convention centers, studios and arenas, where the equipment utilized changes on a regular basis. Similar to Lex Products’ original PowerGATE Company Switches, which offer a combination of Cam-type and lug connections in one lockable, compact wiring chamber, the new pin and sleeve models provide a lug connection combination, as well.

IEC 60309 pin and sleeve wiring devices are constructed for durability and built to an international configuration standard, and have become a more popular choice in recent years for entertainment venues. Another benefit of IEC 60309 pin and sleeve wiring devices is that unlike Cam-type cables, these do not require qualified personnel for installation.

All Lex Products’ PowerGATE Company Switches are 3 Phase, 120/208Y VAC, and provide several features and benefits for enhanced safety and convenience. A few key advantages include:

• PowerGATE Company Switches are UL Listed for entertainment applications in the U.S. and Canada and meet all National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements

• Electronic circuit breaker with 65,000 AIC (Amps Interrupting Capacity) Rating for resettable overcurrent protection

• Lockable door to prohibit access to receptacles and unauthorized use

• Patented design, which includes automatic shut-off feature, to prevent making or breaking connections under load

• Choice of lug and Cam-type or pin and sleeve connection combinations for greater equipment flexibility

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