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Lex Products Introduces 6 Circuit Live Tester

Lex Products Introduces 6 Circuit Live Tester

Lex Products has launched the 6 Circuit Live Tester, the first portable 19-pin tester that diagnoses cabling problems while the cable is still installed.

While other multi-cable testers require the user to disconnect the cables at both ends and attach a specific power supply, the Lex 6-Circuit Live Tester allows the user to diagnose wiring problems on powered lighting rigs without disconnecting the cables from the power source. This saves time and allows the user to solve problems more quickly, which can be critical in allowing the show to go on. The tester confirms correct power connections and grounding for all six circuits, using connected dimmed or non-dimmed power, with an easy to understand LED display.

On top of the time-saving convenience inherent in the design of the 6-Circuit Live Tester, Lex includes a D-ring so the user can tie the tester off to make sure it doesn't get dropped or lost. The LED placement and intensity is optimized for good visibility in a variety of real world situations. Finally, Lex includes a nylon pouch for storage and transportation. The feature rich set for this tester makes the 6-Circuit Live Tester a user friendly tool that is a great addition to any tech tool belt, tool kit, or test bench.

The 6-Circuit Live Tester is in stock and shipping now, available from Lex dealers across North America. 6 Circuit Live Tester

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