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LEDko Provides Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution to Green AV Professionals

LEDko Provides Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution to Green AV Professionals

pic-1.jpg(Wellington, Fla.)---Reflection LEDko by Coemar, the first LED profile delivering both Soft Profile and Hard Edge Profile using mix-and-match optics and state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, helps significantly reduce energy costs and environmental impact compared to traditional lighting sources used among the audiovisual (AV) industry. LED lighting is the most energy-efficient lighting solution currently available that is both fiscally smart and ecologically sound when compared to both Tungsten Halogen and Compact Fluorescent lighting (CFL). As “green” trends within the audiovisual industry continue to proliferate, Reflection LEDko – distributed exclusively in North America by international LED lighting supplier LED Source® – becomes an increasingly valuable solution for AV professionals.

Furthermore, Reflection LEDko is the only type of LED lighting that can obtain any color tone, shade and white light while being used in the same way as traditional profiles—making it the ideal “green” choice for a variety of audiovisual needs including sound, video lighting, display and projection systems.

“As the multibillion dollar audiovisual industry continues to build an increasing commitment to environmental responsibility, the future is with Reflection LEDko,” said Marcel Fairbairn, president and CEO of LED Source. “Applying the Reflection LED technology as a retrofit makes it possible to reduce energy consumption from 500-650 Watts to 150 Watts, saving enormous amounts of energy and money. The LED lamps last up to 50,000 hours without any loss of brightness, thus eliminating maintenance costs associated with traditional lighting profiles.”

Because LEDs emit virtually no heat, Reflection LEDko is capable of utilizing images or gobos created with any standard printer and a transparency sheet. This technology allows you to project any image such as a corporate logo quickly and without cost, while also eliminating the entire gobo buying process, which was previously dependent on glass and metal patterns.

Reflection LEDko is one fixture that can eliminate or significantly reduce all costs related to lamps, dimmers, scrollers, gel filters, heat, cabling, electricity and manpower. All LEDko series fixtures feature electronic 16-bit dimming, flicker-free operation with DMX controllable LED frequency from 500 to 5000 Hz and a bi-directional DMX512.

Christien Methot, the principal lighting designer for Design One Corporation, is the head lighting designer for all NASDAQ broadcast facilities in Times Square. Methot replaced the aging Tungsten Halogen and Compact Fluorescent lighting in the NASDAQ facilities with Reflection LEDko lighting technology to reduce maintenance costs.

“Once we installed and focused the LEDko lighting, I was amazed at the brightness and the even beam of the PC lens,” Methot said. “The LEDko fixtures mixed with a few other LED products have finally brought my client's facilities into the 21st century.”

Reflection LEDko is assembled conforming to the ISO 14001's (International Organization for Standardization) environmental management system requirements and operates in respect to the OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services) standards for occupational health and safety management systems. This ultimately creates a higher efficiency of the system overall, greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

For more information or details about Coemar's wide range of environmentally friendly LED lighting products, contact LED Source or visit


About LED Source

Founded by Marcel Fairbairn and Gavin Cooper in 2005, Wellington, Fla. based LED Source is North America's first and only franchisor of LED lighting. The company supplies LED products around the world to commercial office spaces, schools, churches, theaters, art galleries, restaurants and nightclubs, special events, residential and landscape lighting and much more. Fairbairn and Cooper recognized a fast-growing marketplace for LED lighting with boundless potential and as a result have quickly expanded with LED Source offices in Eastern Canada, Toronto, Calgary, Dallas, Lawrence, Kan., Bloomington, Ind., Los Angeles, Urbandale, Iowa, Wichita, Kan., and Tampa. The company expects to sign 30 franchise agreements in 2012 and 70 agreements next year, working towards building a network of 150 total offices by 2015.

About Coemar

Established in 1933 and based in Castel Goffredo, Italy, Coemar Spa is a world leader in lighting for the entertainment industry. The company also develops, manufactures and sells its products for architectural and commercial applications and guarantees pre-sale and after-sale services. At an international level, the company operates in five continents with a network of over 50 distributors.

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