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LED Pars and Bars Among New American DJ Products to be Introduced at InfoComm 2011

LED Pars and Bars Among New American DJ Products to be Introduced at InfoComm 2011

LOS ANGELES – A flat LED par, an LED bar with a wireless infrared remote and a mini LED par with smooth RGBW color mixing are among the outstanding and innovative new LED lighting fixtures American DJ will be introducing at Booth #5665 at the InfoComm 2011 Show, June 15-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

American DJ will be turning heads without moving heads at InfoComm with the introduction of four breathtaking LED fixtures with versatility to spare. The par can, a lighting industry standard, gets a makeover with American DJ's Micro Wash LED Mini Par, a compact yet full-featured fixture that can fit in tight spaces and small areas, and the Flat Par TRI18, a slim, “low-profile” professional par that doesn't cast RGB shadows and keeps itself – and stage performers – cool. Bar-style fixtures have multiple uses, and the new Mega 24PRO has flicker-free operation that adds film and television to its repertoire of applications. The long and thin Mega Bar LED RC is a perfect architectural and stage unit, with the added feature of an infrared remote control for hands-free and wire-free operation. Here's a closer look at these exciting new American DJ lighting fixtures:

adj-microwash-rgbw-rt.jpgMicro Wash LED Mini Par – With its smooth RGBW color mixing, seven bright 1W LED's and 32 built-in macros, the Micro Wash LED Mini Par's power belies its size. With features such as flicker-free operation, DMX-512, strobing, electronic dimming and a 3-button DMX display on the rear panel, the Micro Wash LED Mini Par is a full-featured par in a compact body that keeps its cool, thanks to its LEDs. Its dual bracket system enables the Micro Wash LED Mini Par to be hung or set on the ground, allowing it to be used for a multitude of applications, including performances, retail lighting and table spotting.

Flat Par TRI18 – An ultra-bright, slim par can with 18 3-watt TRI LEDs (3-in-1adj-flat-par-tri-rt1.jpg RGB), the Flat Par TRI18 is ideal for performance stages where traditional par cans would emit a lot of heat on to performers. This professional “low profile” LED par can does not cast any RGB shadows and features seven different DMX channel modes, 32 color macros as well as electronic dimming and it is compatible with ADJ's LED RC wireless remote (sold separately). The Flat Par TRI18 has a dual hanging bracket that makes it ideal for both mobile entertainers and permanent installations, and it can be inserted into truss for uplighting.

adj-mega-24pro-lt.jpgMega 24PRO – Its flicker-free operation may make the Mega 24PRO an ideal choice for film and television, but this professional RGB color mixing wash has many applications, including performance and theatrical stages, night clubs, party venues and mobile entertainers. The double-bracket mounting system allows for easy uplighting of walls and ceilings as well as illuminating dance floors. The 24 bright 1-watt LEDs encased in the Mega 24PRO's sleek, bar-like compact housing generate low heat and require almost no maintenance.

Mega Bar LED RC – At 40 inches (one meter) in length, the Mega Bar LED RCadj-mega-bar-led.JPG offers the convenience of an infrared wireless remote to control what would normally require a DMX controller or adjustments to be made by hand. The remote offers hands-free and wire-free control of the Mega Bar LED RC's features, such as black out, built-in programs, flash, DMX addressing and RGB color change. Its 251 ultra-bright, vibrant LED' make the Mega Bar LED RC a great choice for stage or wall washing, as well as stage performances.

For more information, visit Booth #5665 at InfoComm 2011, or contact American DJ at 1-800-322-6337 or visit the website at

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