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LED Lighting Boosts Visual Appeal & Reduces Carbon Footprint of Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships

LED Lighting Boosts Visual Appeal & Reduces Carbon Footprint of Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships


Mountain Light Company, a Denver-based Lighting and Production Company has updated the look and carbon footprint of the 21st annual Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships. Working with the Breckenridge Resort Chamber, Mountain Light Company developed, designed and installed a temporary site lighting system using low energy, high output LED lighting equipment and a wireless control system. This year's visitors and participants could expect an enhanced experience due to color changing lighting effects and substantially less diesel exhaust and noise.

Because of MLCs innovative lighting equipment, the look changed from an all white palette during the sculpting and judging phases to varying panoramas of color once the awards were given. These lighting effects washed the sculptures with color and created variations of light and shadow never before seen in this context.

By more than halving the number of generators and using smaller units, the event's carbon footprint was reduced by an estimated 7,684 lbs of CO2. At any one time the system drew less than 8,000 watts of power and yet still provided brilliant illumination for the site.

John W. Fuller, President of Mountain Light Company said “We are excited to be a part of this innovative effort with the Breckenridge Chamber. Mountain Light Company's staff designed and executed a beautiful nighttime atmosphere, while substantially reducing the carbon footprint of this event. The bar has been raised for quality, low environmental impact events in our region”

Mountain Light Company used twenty one Philips Color Kinetics ColorReach and over one hundred ColorBlast12s with custom ShowDMX control infrastructure and a power distribution system which included twenty two City Theatrical PDS units. Xtreme Structures truss tower structures provided support. Mountain Light Company also developed several new enclosures to keep control equipment dry for three weeks in the mountain environment.

Mountain Light Company maintains the largest rental inventory of LED lighting fixtures in the Rocky Mountain region and is the distributor for Color Kinetics, Xtreme and City Theatrical in Colorado. In addition, MLC provides LED solutions for temporary & permanent architectural projects and events.

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