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LDI 2009 New Product Introduction:  The DVI Parrot by Carallon

LDI 2009 New Product Introduction: The DVI Parrot by Carallon

parrot-sourceside.jpg parrot-displayside.jpg parrot-logo-rgb.jpgThe DVI Parrot by Carallon is the first truly user-configurable EDID emulator. EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is a message, normally stored in computer monitors and other display devices, that computer graphics cards must see in order to function properly. An EDID emulator is necessary wherever devices with graphics cards, such as hard-disk video recorders, laptops, and media servers are connected to projectors, plasma screens, LED displays, matrix switchers, format convertors, etc. Disconnecting DVI cables without EDID emulation in place can also cause problems which may ruin your show. The Parrot offers complete configurable control, allowing quick and easy modification of all EDID parameters, greatly simplifying system set-up and trouble-shooting, especially of the large complex video systems that are becoming so popular.

Small and rugged – suitable for any video engineer's toolbox – the Parrot is easily configured via USB on either Windows or Macintosh computers using a program called the “Parrot Trainer”. The Trainer software allows the capture, editing, and saving of EDID data for multiple Parrots, making it ideal for systems with numerous graphics cards connected to various DVI devices. The custom settings, once captured, can be permanently saved, e-mailed as attachments, etc. The Parrot Trainer Software allows adjustment of all EDID settings, including resolution, video timing, etc.

Just a few of the Parrot features and advantages include:

• User-configurable EDID management.

• “Trainer” software included for Mac or Windows. Provides precise USB control of EDID settings.

• Standard EDID library supplied, or the user can capture, edit or create their own profiles from scratch.

• Libraries can be imported and exported to share and manage EDID settings.

• Multiple Parrots supported for lager systems or devices with multiple graphics cards.

• API provided for seamless third-party software integration.

• Accessible Mode button and RGB Status LED provide basic hardware control.

• Dual-link DVI-I compatible for high bandwidth digital and analog functionality.

• DVI powered for spoofing and capture, USB powered for training – no additional PSU required.

• Compatible with VESA EDID 1.3 and EDID Extensions EIA/CEA-861 (HDTV support etc.).

• Rugged, compact device – only 1.1 inch cable insertion / panel depth.

• Elegant and cost-effective solution to a significant problem.

The Carallon DVI Parrot and related products are exclusively distributed worldwide by TMB. See the Parrot and other exciting new products at the TMB LDI 2009 “Village”. Hands-on demos and training will be available, as will TMB's renowned hospitality and informative displays. Learn more about the many exciting products from TMB at

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