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IESNYC Announces Intensive Technical Workshop on The Language of Color, Appearance and Light

Joining forces with Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc., world-wide leader in color and light measurement solutions, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America New York City Section, is co-hosting what promises to be an enlightening technical workshop on Saturday, April 4th 2009, from 11 am to 4 pm at The Center for Architecture in New York City.

Designed to be a lively, hands-on, interactive experience for a professionally diverse group of participants, The Language of Color, Appearance and Light will cover a wide spectrum of topics that can dramatically improve each attendee's understanding of lighting, color science and measurement.

Leader of this new symposium will be Nick Lena, Director of Technology, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Radiometric Products and Solutions Group, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas. With degrees in both Engineering and Business, 12 years of experience in the commercial lighting industry specializing in the design and implementation of store lighting interiors, and more than 21 years working in the Color and Appearance industry, Nick has taught over 300 Color and Appearance technical symposiums, has authored several course books and been a sought-after guest speaker for dozens of major organizations. Besides his wealth of knowledge, practical experience and in-depth technical expertise, Nick's entertaining presentation style gives you one more reason to consider this workshop a must-attend event.

Among those who will find the workshop to be a valuable source of inspiration and ideation are: Lighting Designers, Lighting Engineers, Lighting Architects, Architectural Lighting Professionals, Visual Merchandisers, Production Managers, Incoming Materials and Parts Inspectors, QA Managers, Color Lab Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Compounders, Color Pickers, Color Specifiers, Merchandise Managers, Global Sourcing Managers, Color Checkers and Brand Managers.

For registration and more information call 212-993-6460 or visit

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