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Kinetic Lighting Adds New ETC Source Four LED™ Fixtures to Rental Inventory

Source Four LEDKinetic Lighting Kinetic Lighting has added ETC Source Four LEDâ„¢ fixtures to rental inventory. The company is now renting the Lustr+â„¢ model, based on the popular seven-color LED light system unique to ETC's Selador line.

“This is the LED ellipsoidal we've all been waiting for,” said Kinetic President David Rosen. “The form factor is great. With Source Four LED, you're not introducing a big, cumbersome fixture into your rig. And as any rental company would, we love that you can use existing Source Four lenses with the new LED light engine.”

Both Kinetic and ETC are promoting the Source Four LED series as a complement to conventional Source Fours, rather than a replacement. “The light from the Source Four LED blends seamlessly with other fixtures, creating a new layer of light to complement tungsten and arc sources in lighting designs,” says ETC CEO Fred Foster.

Rosen acknowledges that Source Four LED requires a bigger investment upfront, but notes that the fixture compares favorably with other color-mixing profile systems. He was quick to point out that a conventional Source Four®, fitted with a ColorFader, power supply, dimmer, and four-pin scroller cable adds up too: “From a reliability standpoint, there's no comparison. Source Four LED is far superior. So too is the color-mixing and quality of light.”

If you're interested in renting the Source Four LED Lustr+, or you're in the LA area and wish to arrange a demo, contact Kinetic Lighting at 310.837.3204. More information about Source Four LED is available on their website:

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