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Kinesys at PLASA 2010

Kinesys at PLASA 2010


Kinesys comes to PLASA 2010 with a brand new fixed speed chain hoist controller range and a stylish new website.

The new DigiHoist product range from Kinesys brings digital technology to the forefront of chain hoist controller design.

Digital communications allow multiple controllers to be daisy-chained together, eliminating the need for bulky multicore cables. Self-healing emergency stop connections remove the requirement for shorting plugs, and monitoring of the hoist's status means that information about hoist presence and the state of the limits can be displayed to the user, and acted upon immediately to provide Group Halting if limits are hit whilst moving.

The new website goes live on September 12th, the first day of the show, and has been built from the ground up with both specifiers and end users in mind.

Easy to navigate product pages and an enlarged project and case study area demonstrate the Kinesys range of products in detail and in use. For end users, a brand new expansive support area facilitates unlimited access to manuals, demo software, data sheets, connection diagrams and FAQs on all products.

Showing at PLASA and in regular use in both venue installations and equipment rental applications is the Kinesys Libra load cell system.

Available in both 3.25T and 4.75T variants, with Basic and Professional power supply options, Libra provides an reliable, easy to use method of making vitally important loading information available to venue managers or head riggers.

To demonstrate the versatility of the Libra system, visitors to the stand are invited to compete in the ‘Test Your Strength' Challenge that will be running for the duration of the show.

Both the website and the DigiHoist range will on display on stand 2-Q6 along with a number of other Kinesys products that are in use everyday all around the globe.

For more press info on Kinesys, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]' or check

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