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Kinesys at PLASA 2009

Kinesys at PLASA 2009


Automation specialist Kinesys will be exhibiting at the PLASA 2009 exhibition in Earls Court 2, London on stand number 2-Q32.

The new Evo chain hoist system will be demonstrating its abilities 'live' throughout the show, controlled by Kinesys' new K2 console.

The Libra loadcell range will also be on display.


The Evo is the new precision variable speed chain hoist controller from Kinesys. Designed to BGV C1, it offers true zero speed performance – allowing the motors to “hover” without brakes being applied for the most subtle of slow movement cues and instantaneous reaction. There are also a multitude of safety and user features.

An integrated loadcell provides precise load information for both the controller and the operator, while incremental and absolute encoders offer ultra accurate and secure positioning. An innovative data and Emergency Stop system ensures Category 4 safety, removing the need for custom power distribution.

Standard 32A 3-phase Ceeform power can be daisy chained through the controllers for easy cabling, and communication is via high-speed Ethernet.

User-friendly features and real flexibility are a cornerstone of all Kinesys designs, and the Evo controller also features inbuilt on-board display and manual controls.

A rugged ABS enclosure houses the controller, offering truss and rack mounting variations, all possible utilising the same case.

The Evo is compatible with Kinesys K2 software and either 1000kg 12m/min and 500kg 24m/min hoist options are available. The universal controller can be used with either size of hoist, which in turn can be used motor-up or motor-down with no alterations required.

K2 Console

Expanding on the much acclaimed K2 Wing, the new console is a natural evolution of the product. Incorporating a powerful PC and dual graphics card, the K2 console allows the show to be controlled from one device without the need for external PCs. Power sockets for monitors, four external USB ports and a keyboard and track-pad make for a truly integrated control solution.

Libra Loadcell range

Kinesys will be exhibiting the full Libra loadcell range; Shackle Loadcell, Basic and Professional power supplies and the PC software.

The Libra loadcell comes in the form of a shackle with a load sensing pin. Currently 3.25 tonne and 4.75 tonne versions are offered, both with a 5:1 safety factor. A Libra loadcell can either be connected directly to a Kinesys Elevation 1+ giving feedback about the motor being controlled by the Elevation, or daisy-chained together with other Libras and connected to an interface unit positioned on the floor.

A PC is connected to the interface via USB or Ethernet, and all the loads can be clearly viewed onscreen using Libra's free software. The software package also contains numerous other useful features including the logging of weights, warning and overload settings for both underload and overload, multiple grouping options and a selection of different views for live load monitoring.

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