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Kinesys Moves For Strictly Come Dancing Live

A 15-way Kinesys automation system was in action recently on the Strictly Come Dancing Live UK arena tour.

This was specified by the tour's production director Andy Gibbs of producer Phil McIntyre Productions and follows on from the massive success of a 6-way system that they hired for last year's tour.

The equipment was again supplied direct from Kinesys. Gibbs went with Kinesys because he believes it offers the best and most seamless operation, and it was imperative that the automated effects could move as effortlessly and gracefully as the competing dancing couples!

The system consisted of 15 half tonne Liftket motors and Kinesys Elevation 1+ controllers, plus a Vector control system that's being operated by Barry Branford.

Six fabulous bespoke scenic chandeliers, suspended from a box truss in the centre of the dancefloor move individually. 8 small mirror balls on single points around the outside of the dancefloor and a large 2.5 metre mirror ball right in the centre of the dancefloor are also automated. All elements are moved independently.

The chandeliers flew in once at the start of the second half for the Pro Dance, one of the show's big production numbers. The mirror balls were used twice, firstly during the spectacular Moulin Rouge section two thirds of the way through the second half, when they glided into 4 different positions and then again in the Finale - just for a single move.

The large mirror ball also flew in and out for the Moulin Rouge and Finale sections.

Branford is an experienced Kinesys operator and has used the system on many previous occasions, including the 2008 Queen & Paul Rodgers tour. He rates it as the best, most user friendly and flexible in the industry.

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