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Kinesys For Mamma Mia Korea

A Kinesys automation system is on the road for the Korean national tour of Mamma Mia!, which opened in May, and will run until February 2011.

The system consists of 6 (plus spare) Kinesys Elevation 1+ variable speed motor controllers and Kinesys converted 1Tonne, 10m/min, 20m HOL Liftket chain hoists. The Elevation 1+ controllers, as well as the hoists, were all supplied in a customised white finish, and the system is controlled using Kinesys' Vector PC based motion control software.

The Kinesys motors and controllers are used in the dramatic finale of the show for which the custom white lighting trusses are flown in at variable speed for the final crescendo, featuring the whole cast onstage singing the anthemic ABBA numbers, "Dancing Queen", "Mamma Mia!" and "Waterloo".

The trusses have to fly in with very precise timing and speed and then stop exactly on cue. The production wanted smooth, accurate and reliable movement for this large and memorable scene, and that's why Kinesys was specified by production manager Mr Seok-Yong Ryu.

The Kinesys system was purchased by Korean based M-ACS Production Co. Ltd. and, although the kit is tied up for some time on the Mamma Mia! tour, they see plenty of other future applications for their new Kinesys equipment in theatres and other venues.

It is the first time that M-ACS Production Co. Ltd. has used Kinesys, but they were confident about the purchase. They wanted a system that was easy to use and highly flexible with the dynamic ability to control position and speed accurately and simultaneously. The Kinesys motion control system also came highly recommended by technicians working on the Australian touring production of the show which was also using one.

Mamma Mia! Korea's Kinesys operator is Mr Sung-Jin Kim.

The show is produced by My Myung-Sung Park of the SeenSee Company.

For more press info on Kinesys, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]' or check

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