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Kinesys Launches LibraWATCH  Load Monitoring App

Kinesys Launches LibraWATCH Load Monitoring App


UK based automation specialist Kinesys launches LibraWATCH, a new free multi-platform load-monitoring software app which works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

LibraWATCH is the latest in the innovative Libra range of products by Kinesys and integrates seamlessly with LibraCELL, LibraPRO and LibraWIFI.

With smartphones and tablets an increasingly popular everyday tool for technicians, riggers and touring crews in the entertainment industry, Kinesys has developed this new, user-friendly and robust load-monitoring experience specifically for all professionals who are working ‘on-the-go’ with rigged installations.

LibraWATCH offers a unique, fully flexible and fully mobile solution designed so load information can be viewed quickly and clearly via a wired network or through a LibraWIFI wireless connection on multiple portable and hand-held devices.

Once installed on a computer, tablet or smartphone, LibraWATCH enables the load data of a rigged installation – utilising compatible Kinesys products - to be seen in tabular, graphical or plan formats.

Users have the freedom to move freely around the venue or working space and still have direct access to load data on a flown rig.

Overload, underload and custom alarms and warnings can be viewed simultaneously on multiple devices, giving complete control over the integrity and safety of a rigged system in real time.

Key parameters can also be edited remotely – access permitting - and two levels of password protection can be set to regulate viewing / editing access and permissions.

A LibraPRO power supply is connected to LibraCELL shackles via daisy-chained XLR4 cables. The information gathered by the LibraPRO is then passed to the LibraWIFI unit via an Ethernet connection, enabling data to then be retrieved wirelessly.

LibraWIFI’s inbuilt Firewall ensures that only Kinesys applications can access the Libra network, so the load data and measurements displayed by LibraWATCH are accurate, safe and reliable.

LibraWATCH can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad; from Google Play for Android devices and from the Kinesys website for Mac and PC computers.

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