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Kinesys Appoints Italian Distributor

Kinesys Appoints Italian Distributor


UK based automation specialist Kinesys announces the appointment of trussing manufacturer LITEC as its Italian distributor.

Litec is part of the Vitec Group which also includes companies such as Brilliant Stages and Manfrotto. They are also a master distributor for Columbus McKinnon so Kinesys felt this was the right company and product mix to complement a premium automation product.

Kinesys' Sales & Business Development Manager Mark de Gruyter explains, "Litec is a highly respected company with a great contact base and a real knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the live production and performance industry - so we are well matched partners".

This consolidates the growth potential and increasing interest in Kinesys products worldwide, with Europe a key territory in the expansion strategy to make Kinesys' innovative automation systems and new technologies available and accessible to a greater range of buyers and users.

The concept of 'automation' and the creative and practical values that it can bring to any production is no longer the preserve only of those with massive budgets! With Kinesys' modular and flexible product philosophy, it is now much easier and affordable for companies and shows of all budget sizes to add an element of precision automation to their designs and inventories.

Italy, with its proliferation of live events and passion for music, theatre, art and performance of all types has already shown plenty of interest in Kinesys. This has been both amongst rental companies and for fixed installations and venues.

As soon as the deal was sealed, de Gruyter and Kinesys' Dave Weatherhead travelled to Mogliano Veneto near Venice to meet the full Litec team and undertake two days of comprehensive staff technical training. Litec have bought a substantial amount of Kinesys stock which was set up in the demo room for hands-on access. Recently hired Andy Hicks, joining Kinesys specifically for technical support and training duties to support the expanding Kinesys distribution network, was also in attendance.

In addition to this, Litec also held two Kinesys Open Days, which was a continuation of the product demonstration featuring in-depth technical sessions for their clients, customers and contacts.

This was exceedingly well attended by a wide selection of individuals and companies from all across the country, including leading riggers, rental operations, theatres, live music and multi-purpose venues, reflecting the general enthusiasm for the products.

The first sale was also announced via the new distributor - with rental company Musical Box Rent investing in a 16-way Kinesys Libra Load Cell system.

Paolo Dozzo, Litec Sales Director EMEA, adds: “For more than a decade Litec has been the leading company of the trussing and rigging products in Italy. Kinesys is a further added value that completes our offering to all professionals of this market and the lighting world.

Kinesys products open infinite possibilities of creation and management of dynamic events in theatres, TV studios, concerts, presentations and installations. We are very happy with this partnership because it will complement all our products perfectly.”

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