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Kid Rock in the Hizzle

There was a rumor going around yesterday that Kid Rock was walking the show floor. I ignored it, since those kinds of rumors seem to crop up at every LDI. (Someone claimed Richard Crenna was walking the show once; who the hell would be able to spot Richard Crenna anywhere?)

Boy was I wrong. At the Peabody last night, just as the bar was closing down, in comes the man himself, with an entourage of young leggy women (would you expect it to be any other way?) He plopped himself down at the piano and proceeded to serenade the drunken throng for a good hour. Nobody wanted to leave! Jesse Friend from Lee Filters helped things along by rolling down a cooler full of beer, which kept the thirsty conventioneers sated. I finally crawled away at 3am and have no idea how much longer the spontaneous show lasted. Probably one of the wildest things I've ever experienced in 12 years of LDI.

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