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Kaltman Authors New Book: Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business

Kaltman Authors New Book: Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business

kaltman-book-image.jpgKaltman Creations LLC has put out a new book to help you with your small business, something we could all use during these economic conditions. Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business, penned by audio/communications industry veteran, Mark L. Kaltman, goes beyond issues like business structure, funding, and licensing subjects to include detailed business planning, practical applications, time management, and budgeting.

The author is president of Kaltman Creations, the company that introduced and holds the patent on the world's first handheld, motorized cable coiler, and a line of affordable RF spectrum analyzers. He is also known for his successful start-ups and early management roles with CMT Security Systems, AETA Audio, Klotz Digital, Denon Electronics, Wheatstone and Sabine. He also has Gold and Platinum albums as an audio engineer.

The book, published in conjunction with BookSurge Publishing, is available through most major book stores and online retailers including (ISBN number 1-4392-2176-6). For general information on the book, visit

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