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J. R. Clancy wins ESTA “Rock Our World” award  for Winspear Opera House chandelier

J. R. Clancy wins ESTA “Rock Our World” award for Winspear Opera House chandelier

The spectacular, custom-designed chandelier in the Winspear Opera House, one of the brand-new theatres in the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, Texas, won the 2010 “Rock Our World” Award from the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA).

The Winspear chandelier won in the Project category. The award winners were announced Thursday evening, October 21, at an awards dinner at the LDI show in Las Vegas.

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J. R. Clancy was selected for this project because of the company's expertise in engineering complex systems. Clancy took the leadership role in bringing the chandelier project to fruition, working closely with lighting designer Claude Engle on the concept.

The custom-built, 40-foot-high chandelier features 318 cast acrylic rods, each of which vanishes independently as the house lights dim. Clancy engineers did extensive research to determine the materials and methods required to light each rod entirely from end to end. Mike Wood Consulting and Ingham Designs executed the design specifications and supplied the acrylic rods, an RGBW LED illuminator, and specifications for the control system required for special effects.

Forty-four winches designed and built by J. R. Clancy retract the rods into the ceiling, mounted around the circumference of the chandelier's decagonal rings. Each ring holds up to eight acrylic rods, spaced six to 24 inches apart. Each rod can travel as much as 60 feet as it glides into position.

The rods are hung using special suspension media, with a strength member to hold the acrylic rods' weight. The suspension wire and DMX power cable are paired in a single package. Clancy provided the specifications for construction of the cable, and put its engineering expertise to work to find the most effective way for the rods to move smoothly in and out of each dedicated hole.

A wall-mounted SceneControl 500—Clancy's top-of-the-line rigging control system—provides the rods' smooth, synchronized movement. The operator controls the movement using SceneControl's handheld pendant.

In addition to the chandelier, J. R. Clancy provided an extensive stage rigging system with both manual and motorized equipment.

For information about J. R. Clancy's custom and off-the-shelf rigging solutions, visit, or call 800-836-1885.

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