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J. R. Clancy Is Silver Sponsor of NATEAC 2012

Taking a leadership role in bringing together people who design and build theatre spaces, J. R. Clancy, Inc., is a Silver Sponsor of the 2012 North American Theatre, Engineering and Architecture Conference (NATEAC). The conference is scheduled for Sunday, July 22 and Monday, July 23, 2012, in New York City.

Directed by Bill Sapsis, the NATEAC conference promotes communication between the architects, engineers, consultants, and manufacturers responsible for designing and building new theatres and renovating existing facilities. J. R. Clancy has been a lead sponsor of this event since 2008. In addition, Clancy participated in the Theatre Engineering & Architecture Conference in the United Kingdom—the inspiration for the North American conference—in 2002 and 2006, and became a sponsor of the UK conference in 2010.

Mike Murphy, president of J. R. Clancy, noted that theatre design and construction have become more complex than ever. “With the use of digital technology, automated control systems and dynamic new staging options, all the people involved in creating a theatre need more specialized knowledge than ever before,” he said. “The more we all can share knowledge and understand one another's role in the overall process, the more exciting and versatile the end result can be. We at J. R. Clancy need to be at the forefront of this effort, by demonstrating our support of NATEAC.”

"J. R. Clancy's continuing support is very much appreciated,” said Sapsis. “Their sponsorship shows their commitment to the dialog begun in 2002 and the vital role these conferences play in furthering those discussions. J. R. Clancy's support also helps us provide the programming and networking events that are an essential part of NATEAC."

Registration and schedule information for NATEAC can be found at More information about J. R. Clancy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wenger Corporation, is available at (800) 836-1885 or

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